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Brenham, Texas

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We started in the small town of Chappell Hill, half way between Houston and Austin, Texas, in what is known as the “Hill Country”.  

After retiring from our business in Houston, Texas, we planned to relax and take it easy in our dream home in the country.  Then, in 2005, Val stumbled onto this breed (Gypsy Vanner Horses) during a google search for draft horses.  For the next few months she would periodically try to get me (Mort) interested in buying a gypsy horse (we already owned some Tennessee Walkers and Paso Finos for pleasure riding).  Finally, I started paying attention, and she eventually convinced me to buy our first Gypsy horse (“MAGIC”) in 2006 from Black Forest Shires and Gypsy Horses (BFSGH) in Colorado.  Besides gypsies, they also had shire horses for sale.  Based on the agreement Val and I had with each other, this was going to be our one and only family Gypsy horse.  That lasted about two weeks, and we bought “Brandy”.  I thought we were in the clear, because we went months without buying more gypsy horses.  Val continued visiting all the gypsy horse websites and one day she spotted “BANDON” (a magnificent gypsy stallion).  She instantly fell in love and naturally I soon followed.  We bought him, and the plan then shifted up to breeding these beautiful horses.  Since then we have obtained gypsy horses from some of the world’s other top gypsy horse breeders.  Bloodlines like “Lion King” and the “PO”, “The Old Horse of Wales”, “SD Chief”, “Tom Thumb”, “The Vincent Mare”, “The Boss” aka “The Business”, “Shogun”, “Tubs”, “The Joker”, WHR Simon, Peter Ash’s Blue Horse, Peter Ash’s Bullseye, Rob Roy, and of course “Bandon”.  We moved the whole operation to our newest home in Brenham in 2014, where we finally have enough land to keep them at one location.  We are in this, “up to our ears”, as they say, and no, we probably shouldn’t call this retired, but we just can’t seem to stop.

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Updated 11/1/2015